Mystery Ranch ‘Hard Seltzer’ Holster: Walkthrough

Mystery Ranch says its new ‘hard seltzer holster’ has a ton of great features. Like the ‘uh, stretchy, strappy thing right here.’

I don’t know what this guy’s doing designing gear for backpackers. He missed out on a career as the next Chevy Chase.

Watch him walk us through Mystery Ranch’s new “hard seltzer” (aka bear spray) holster through a tidy narrative of straight-faced conceits and slapstick performances.

I won’t spoil the fun. Suffice it to say the Mystery Ranch holster does hold slim cans and appears to hold regular tall boys because it’s “super stretchy on the sides.”

Heck, you could probably even put bear spray in it. We don’t know why you’d do that, though — it’s not nearly as much fun to drink as White Claw.

Runtime: 1 minute

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