Meet the Eddys: Snowboarders, Tiny Homeowners, Artists, and More

Continuing in Skullcandy’s ‘Boundary Breakers’ series is this episode featuring artist and athlete duo Hannah and Tim Eddy.

Skullcandy’s ‘Boundary Breakers’ campaign is all about highlighting “multidimensional” individuals who are both athletes and artists. And the Eddys are just that, in tandem.

Hannah Eddy is a graphic artist, snowboarder, mural maker, and more. Tim is a snowboarder, skater, bikepacker, and self-described “tool dude.” Together, they are an outdoor-loving artistic power couple.

You can keep up with Hannah Eddy and Tim Eddy on Instagram. So far, nine of the 20 Boundary Breakers have been highlighted in Skullcandy shorts. Learn and watch more.

Hannah and Tim Eddy in winter coats standing in front of their tiny house cabin
Hannah and Tim Eddy.
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