Smile! Eagle Cam Is Back and Fluffier Than Ever

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has flipped the switch once more and ‘Eagle Cam’ is streaming live from an undisclosed location for its fourth season, and the chicks are getting big!

Eagle Cam 1

Last year, viewers of Eagle Cam welcomed three new members to the adult eagles’ nest. This year, those eggs are now fully feathered one-year-old eaglets. According to the DNR, the nest is likely to be vacated by the parents most of the time to encourage their young to take flight and hunt on their own.

Until they leave the nest, the chicks, which are about halfway to full size, will subsist through intermittent feedings by their parents, consisting of fish, small mammals – even birds as large as ducks.

Be aware: If you’re not a fan of nature in all its unedited splendor, this is live video of wild bald eagles living in nature. Natural struggles will occur and some of the feeding or other wild bird behaviors are, well, they’re bald eagles. Consider yourself warned.

Check out the Eagle Cam here.


Adam Ruggiero

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