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GearJunkie Podcast: Candid Conversations With the Biggest Names in the Outdoors

GearJunkie Podcast
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This month, GearJunkie hits the airwaves — and AirPods — by entering the podcast world. Here’s what you need to know.

How often do you hallucinate? Why is milk your favorite sports drink? What do you have against Thomas Jefferson? The new GearJunkie Podcast brings luminaries of the outdoors into our humble Denver studio to uncover some of the strangest facts and silliest stories to shine a light on the real person behind the big name.

Our first season puts host Adam Ruggiero across the mics from the likes of Courtney Dauwalter, Lael Wilcox, Andrew Skurka, Brendan Leonard, and more. And while no two conversations are the same, each one uncovers a few surprises, plenty of laughs, and stories you won’t forget.

You can find the GearJunkie Podcast everywhere you get your podcasts or hit the buttons below to subscribe. We’re launching with three episodes, ready to stream now.

In separate interviews, we have both Lael Wilcox and Jay Petervary recount this year’s Tour Divide controversy. And Tom Gathman “The Real Hiking Viking” goes deep into his nomad lifestyle and days as a Marine.

As for the rest, we’ll launch a new episode every other week. Enjoy!

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