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Your Headlamp Needs More Color: The Princeton Tec Vizz RGB Delivers

When the lights go out on a backcountry hunt, it’s the darkest night you’ll ever experience. The 2023 Vizz RGB from Princeton Tec will help light the way with flying colors.

Testing Princeton Tec Vizz RGB Headlamp in dark(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)
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Having a quality headlamp on hunting trips is something I don’t take lightly. Between long hikes in the dark to and from hunting spots to processing an animal well past sundown, a reliable light source makes things easier and safer.

I have an extensive history with the original Vizz from Princeton Tec, and it’s been my main go-to headlamp for all of my hunts. This year, the company announced a newer version called the Princeton Tec Vizz RGB. It offers the same lumens with more light color options. Naturally, I was intrigued, given my love for the original. Though, I was skeptical about breaking away from my go-to headlamp.

In short: Hunters looking for a simple but feature-rich headlamp will be happy with the Princeton Tec Vizz RGB. Just be sure to have an extra set of batteries, just in case.

Princeton Tec Vizz 550 RGB Headlamp


  • Lumens 550
  • Burn time 33 hrs.
  • Lighting modes Red, green, blue, white (maxbright spot)


  • One-button operation
  • Digital lockout
  • Variety of different lighting modes


  • Lower burn time than original Vizz

Princeton Tec Vizz RGB Headlamp: Review


Princeton Tec is a family-owned business primarily operating in the tactical space. The new Vizz RGB is a headlamp that belongs in the hunting woods.

The Vizz RGB is based on the original Vizz with some added flair, which we’ll get into soon. This is a 550-lumen headlamp with an adjustable elastic strap. It takes three AAA batteries, has a burn time of 33 hours, and sports five different lighting modes.

You’ll have the choice between four different colors, and every Vizz RGB is rated to IPX7 for water resistance. So, you get the right angle, and the body of the headlamp can be tilted. The Vizz RGB has a lifetime warranty.


Lighting Modes

Princeton Tec Vizz RGB Lighting Mode
(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)

The Vizz RGB has five different lighting modes: Spot High, Spot Low, Red, Green, and Blue. The red has two ultrabright LEDs, and the green and blue have one ultrabright LED each. These are the first lights that turn on when you hit the button. It will cycle red, green, and then blue. This is all done via just one button.

To get to the white maxbright spot modes, turn on the headlamp and hold the button down for a few seconds. The headlamp will then switch to the white maxbright LED.

Dimmable Spot

Another thing to note here about the white maxbright LED is that it’s dimmable. This is a super-rad feature that really allows you to hone that light to exactly how bright, or how not bright, you want it. By simply holding down the button once the maxbright LED is on, the light will blink once and then start to dim. Once the light gets to your desired brightness, release the button.

I want to point out that running the maxbright on high will use more battery. The 33-hour burn time is quoted from the maxbright used on low. On high, it will only have a run time of 2.5 hours. I’m guessing this means if the headlamp is not turned off and just left running.

Digital Lockout

Headlamp hanging on tree
(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)

A huge plus for this headlamp is that it has a digital lockout. It can be locked so it doesn’t accidentally get turned on in your pack. By holding down the button while the headlamp is off, you’ll see it start blinking red. This means it’s locked. Hold the button down again from here, and it’ll again blink red, indicating that the headlamp is now unlocked.

My Experience

Given the number of nights I have under my belt with the original Vizz, I couldn’t wait to test out the RGB. It sounded like my favorite headlamp just got better. And upon holding it in my hands for the first time, it seemed like we had already met and knew one another.

The only thing I noted different between the two was the new RGB version has a raised button. This was something I was actually pretty excited about when I saw it. The original Vizz worked just fine, but the button was a little hard to press, especially if it was cold out.

man wearing a headlamp shines a light in a dark forest
(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)

This headlamp is really simple to operate. I didn’t look up the instructions at all and figured out how to cycle through all of the different modes, dim the spot, etc. Simple is better, from my experience.

Other headlamps I have used have had more features than I could remember, and I certainly didn’t know how to use them. The Vizz RGB is easy to use as well as effective.

Whether camping with the fam or long hikes in the dark scouting for my upcoming hunting season, the Vizz RGB has been along for the ride, and it’s been a smooth one. As I said, it’s like we’ve known each other for quite some time, and it really didn’t feel too different at all than its older brother that I was so used to.

What’s Wrong

The only real downside of this headlamp, especially when compared to the original Vizz, is the lower burn time. The original Vizz has a burn time of 90 hours, and the RGB has a burn time of 33 hours. That’s quite a cut and a push to make sure an extra set of AAAs is in my backpack. 

Fun fact: I buy rechargeable AAAs and make sure they’re topped off before all my hunting trips.

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Princeton Tec Vizz RGB: Final Thoughts

Princeton Tec Vizz RGB Headlamp
(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)

As someone who spends many nights out in the deep, dark backcountry of the western United States, I can tell you that cheap, ineffective headlamps or flashlights are not something I care to mess around with. This new Vizz RGB is a headlamp that does not leave me consumed with doubt.

Safety aside, just the curiosity about what’s around the next corner or what’s over the next ridge is reason enough to keep it in my pack. It allows me to worry about the hunting, not the gear needed to see where I’m going.

That confidence is what it’s all about, and the Vizz RGB doesn’t have me worried in the least.

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