‘Conservation Direct’: How KUIU Is Challenging Tradition

Bighorn sheep conservation can be an expensive endeavor. KUIU has decided to change the game.

Conservation Direct takes a completely different take on wildlife preservation. This short film gives an inside look to what they’ve been doing.

The team over at KUIU, along with the Wild Society, and Leupold came together in 2021 to cover the entire budget of desert bighorn sheep transplants in the State of Arizona. It’s genuinely awe-inspiring and doesn’t bother with any veiling of the challenge to other companies. KUIU knows what it’s doing works, and it wants others to do the same.

When questioned about how KUIU feels about other organizations copying them, conservation director, Brendan Burns, didn’t mince words. “I hope they do copy. If somebody else wants to do it, call me. I’ll tell you how to do it,” he said.

You can learn more about the work KUIU is doing with desert bighorn sheep and find out how to get involved online at Conservation Direct. You can also watch more films from KUIU over on its YouTube channel and check out some of our favorite gear from the brand.

Runtime: 15 minutes

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Rachelle Schrute

As a fifth-generation Montanan, Rachelle Schrute comes from a long line of western hunters and anglers. Born in western Montana, she spent countless days chasing mountain elk and mountain trout with her family. She is heavily involved in Montana's conservation and wildlife management practices and has served in leadership roles within multiple conservation organizations. Rachelle is a certified Wilderness First Responder, and often spends her summers as a Wilderness Guide in Yellowstone National Park. When not gear testing or writing, you can likely find her hunting, hiking, fishing, and cooking wild game with her two children.

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