LaCrosse Targets Turkey Season With Its Alpha Agility Snake Boot

Spring turkey hunts often mean traipsing through snake territory. That’s why LaCrosse Footwear chose a turkey season-specific camo for its latest snake boot.

Early turkey season is also snake season, and it pays to take precautions. These waterproof and “snakeproof” boots are designed to shield you in prime snake habitat while you look out for gobblers.

LaCrosse added snake bite protection on top of its waterproof boot designs. They are made to defend against sharp objects underfoot and blisters on your feet. Ideally, you can wear these on a long hunt right out of the box.

Good footwear, including protection against snake encounters, is part of having the right gear for turkey hunting.

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Product and brand image for Lacrosse's Snake Boot of Spring 2022.

Why Snake Boots?

Spring is an active season for snakes. In general, the spring air is cooler, and snakes seek out direct sunlight to warm up — meaning they have to travel farther. This is also when they travel to seek out a mate and fuel up after an inactive winter. By summer, snakes don’t have to go as far because overall temperatures are warmer.

Venomous rattlesnakes and copperheads are prevalent throughout the eastern half of the U.S., while cottonmouths and the eastern diamondback are more limited to the coastal portions from Louisiana to North Carolina — and dipping into Florida, of course.

Other snakes may not kill you, but they can ruin your day, and they’re just as active in the spring.

That’s the reasoning behind the LaCrosse Snake Boots, which the brand actually tested against snake strikes.


Going Alpha

The Alpha Agility Snake Boots are 17 inches high, and the pair weighs 4.9 pounds. They have a waterproof lining, an EVA footbed, a nylon shank for stability, and a heel plate to help kick off your boots.

LaCrosse layers natural rubber over waterproof neoprene for a flexible yet durable boot. The Snake Guard is a flexible fabric placed between the liner and exterior of the boot.

Made for spring and fall hunts, these boots are uninsulated. LaCrosse rates the boots’ comfort zone as zero to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Their liner is meant to wick moisture away from the wearer’s feet in balmy conditions.


The Alpha line of boots is designed to resemble shoe-like comfort during a full day on your feet. These boots combine a rubber outsole with a midsole made from a lightweight compound LaCrosse says will provide rebound.

And, of course, there’s the camo pattern. Mossy Oak Obsession is designed to mimic the tones commonly found during spring turkey hunts, and it’s the official camo pattern of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF). The pattern mixes a background of mottled tree bark with pine and oak foliage in shoulder-season colors.

Lacrosse Alpha Agility Snake Boot with NWTF Mossy Oak Obsession camo

Alpha Agility Snake Boot Highlights

  • Alpha construction
  • Snake guard
  • NWTF Mossy Oak Obsession pattern
  • Agility outsole
  • Comfort liner

LaCrosse Alpha Agility Boots: For Turkey Hunters and More

As the turkey-specific camo pattern shows, these boots drew inspiration from the overlap of turkey hunting and the prevalence of snake activity in the spring.

Wild Turkeys

But these waterproof boots will work all summer if your work or play takes you through swampy ground or creeks. Depending on where you live, and your style, these boots could protect your feet and calves while fishing too.

If you turkey hunt and want a boot intended to provide protection from snake bites as well as out-of-the-box comfort, consider the 17-inch-high Alpha Agility Snake Boot.

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This article is sponsored by LaCrosse Footwear. Find more Alpha Agility and other snake boots online.

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