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Build the Ultimate Mission Crossbow Setup With These Accessories

Mission Crossbow top down view(Photo/Mission)
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Customizing your crossbow offers a personalized shooting experience with the potential for greater long-distance accuracy.

Mission Crossbows is confident its Sub-1 XR model gets the job done right out of the box. That said, experienced shooters and hunters are often looking for ways to tweak and modify to get the most from their setups.

These crossbow accessories offer ways to improve your shooting potential, keep arrows within reach, and protect your setup in transit.

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Mission Crossbow customize with accessories

Crossbow Accessories

Sub-1 XR

Mission Crossbow Sub 1 XR

Last year, we covered Mission’s focus on creating a crossbow that holds accuracy at 100 yards, which begat the Sub-1 line.

The brand says its Sub-1 XR can fire 410 feet per second and maintain its standard in tight pattern shooting. This is the most velocity-minded build in the Sub-1 line, and it has room on board for several accessories to extend its shooting function.

Hunters should check out the Sub-1 Lite, or even the original Sub-1. All of them can still place three bolts within an inch from 100 yards.

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Lighted Bolts

Mission Crossbows 19inch LIGHTED BOLT

Mission partnered with Clean-Shot to create a lighted nock so you can track an arrow’s flight in low-light conditions. Each pack of three contains three bolts with the nocks already attached. These work on any of the Sub-1 crossbows.

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Precision Level

Mission Crossbows Precision Level

A big factor for long-range accuracy is shooting level. This add-on can be mounted on either side of the riser so you can see whether your crossbow is level before firing.

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Accessory Rail

Mission Crossbow SUB-1 ACCESSORY RAIL

This rail gives your bow a way to mount a bi-pod, flashlight, or any other universal Picatinny-style accessory.

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RSD Crank

Mission Crossbow RSD CRANK

Mission Crossbows created this patent-pending RSD, which it claims is the industry’s first-ever silent mechanical cocking device for crossbows. It only takes a few seconds to install (or remove) and helps improve accuracy by using a floating rope pull that applies equal pressure to each side of the bowstring during the draw.

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Crossbow Sling

Mission Crossbow Sling

Here’s a simple addition for hands-free carrying in the field. This adjustable strap is made from neoprene nylon with a rubberized back to prevent slippage and comes with one-inch swivels.

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M Quiver (3-Arrow)

Mission Crossbow M QUIVER 3-arrow

The M Quiver holds Mission Crossbow bolts, and its foam insert should fit most expandable broadheads and fixed blades 1-1/8 inches and under. It mounts on either side to accommodate your shooting style.

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Optics: Sig Sauer BDX Combo Kit

Mission Crossbow BDX COMBO KIT

This combo kit of optics is a major add-on ready to go out of the box. It includes a Sierra 3 2.5-8 X 32 Scope with Alpha-1 Tactical Rings Installed and a Kilo 1600 rangefinder.

Sig Sauer’s BDX system is Bluetooth-connected, enabling the matched rangefinder and scope to adjust the holdover point based on the range to your target.

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Hard Case


A fully dialed crossbow is an investment of both time and money. Why not protect it with a wheeled hard case?

This SKB hard case is watertight and can cushion your bow and a few accessories with custom-cut high-density foam. The foam can fit any Sub-1 Series crossbow, quiver, and accessories (three cavities).

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Elevate Your Setup

If you own a crossbow, chances are you’re into testing its limits and getting the most out of it.

Tournament shooters and hobbyists can improve their accuracy while still enjoying the promise of the Sub-1’s tight patterns from 100 yards away.

For hunters, the quiet draw can reduce your chances of spooking game. And, the hands-free carrying sling and quiver can take some hassle out of walking through the woods.

If you’re happy with your Sub-1 crossbow, but still want a little more, these accessories are the way to go.

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mission crossbow shooting

This article is sponsored by Mission Crossbows. Find more crossbow accessories online.

Mission sub-1 XR being used to hunt with camo in the woods

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