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Cam Hanes Faces Harsh Realities of Bowhunting in ‘Once We Were Wolves’

Bowhunting is an art, not a science. Sometimes, that art doesn't turn out the way we expect. 'Once We Were Wolves' dives into what happens when it doesn't go to plan.

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We give ourselves way too much credit by saying humans are the ultimate predator. Go against a mountain lion where it lives, one-on-one, and see who wins.”

Bowhunting is often fraught with controversy. From ethics to presentation, there seems to be added pressure from internal sources and external sources when you remove guns from a hunt.

Once We Were Wolves‘ takes a look at what happens when those guns are unexpectedly added back in. It’s a tale of a hunt that doesn’t go to plan, and the film uncovers some humility in places most wouldn’t expect to find it.

Runtime: 59 minutes

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