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The Pin Debate Ends: Option Archery Canyon Pounder Review

The Canyon Pounder is a bow sight that brings both durability and practicality, while solving the argument of single-pin versus multi-pin.

(Photo/Josh Kirchner)
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Anyone who says ‘a bow sight is a bow sight’ has not spent much time in the field and has definitely not met the Canyon Pounder from Option Archery. It’s about as versatile as a bow sight comes and is built like a tank.

Bowhunters need something that is durable, reliable, and functional. The Canyon Pounder from Option Archery skips no meals across that board and delivers on all fronts, from the materials used and overall construction to the endless number of adjustments and practical features ingrained into the system. Not to mention, it squashes the multi-pin versus single-pin debate because it’s both. It’s the best of both worlds.

In short: If you’re willing to bite the bullet on price, the Canyon Pounder from Option Archery is about as top-tier as a bowhunter can get. You get what you pay for here.

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Option Archery Canyon Pounder Sight


  • Mounting options Traditional side mount, pic rail mount, bridge-lock mount, or standard extension mount
  • Number of pins 3, 4, or 5
  • Pin size 0.019” (You can customize this to 0.010” if you wanted. Pin Color is also customizable.)


  • Sturdy construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Single-pin and multi-pin bow sight in one


  • Price is steep

Option Archery Canyon Pounder Sight: Review


Author holding a bow with a sight
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

Option Archery was founded by Dan Evans. If you’ve ever heard of the company Trophy Taker, you can thank Dan for that, as he was the engine behind it. Nowadays, Dan focuses his time on Option Archery.

Most folks have heard about or seen the “Quivalizer.” It’s a quiver that doubles as a stabilizer. Then, there is the original Option Sight, which combines a multi-pin and single-pin sight into one. The latest and greatest to Dan’s lineup of gear is his Canyon Pounder bow sight.

Option Archery offers the Canyon Pounder in 3-, 4-, and 5-pin models. You’ll also have the choice between a traditional side mount, pic rail mount, bridge-lock mount, or standard extension mount. They are available in both right and left-hand models. With that, you can customize the pin size/color configuration as well. All bow sights come with a set of Allen wrenches, waterproof sight tapes, and setup instructions.


Multi-Pin and Single Pin in One

(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

Far and away, the big standout feature of the Canyon Pounder is the fact that it is both a single-pin and a multi-pin bow sight. On one plane is the single pin that is fixed in the center of the sight housing. On the other are the remaining pins.

The multi-pin portion is attached to a swingout. When closed, you can use the sight as a standard multi-pin bow sight. When you open the swingout, it swings away all but the one pin in the center of the housing. Now, the sight can be used as a single pin.

(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

This is a really practical design that hits on multiple situations a bowhunter may or may not encounter in the field. For quick, on-the-go elk hunting during the rut, the multi-pin option is ideal. However, if you’ve got a mule deer bedded beneath you at 37 yards through a small gap on a steep angle, having to-the-yard accuracy that a single pin provides is very beneficial.

Helix Rod

(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

The slider portion of this bow sight operates on a Helix Rod. It can be turned either from the top or bottom via two very easy-to-find, durable, and grippy wheels. This system is incredibly smooth and very efficient per turn. You’re not going to have to turn this 20 times to get dialed down to whatever yardage you need. It’s fast and hassle-free.

Dual-Sight Tapes

(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

Another practical design feature of the Canyon Pounder is the two different sight tapes. What we’d call the main sight tape that faces you when shooting references the centered single pin. On the opposite side of the sight, though, there is another sight tape that references your bottom pin.

The way a standard multi-pin slider sight would work. So, you get the precision that comes with having that single-pin sight tape paired with the even longer range capability of the other for the bottom pin. It’s practical versatility that serious bowhunters will appreciate.

My Experience

(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

Upon receiving the Canyon Pounder, the very first thing that came to mind was how bulletproof this sight felt. The entire design is tailor-made for hardcore bowhunters who put their gear through the wringer. This is something I deeply appreciate.

Sighting in the Canyon Pounder was easy peasy. I loved the fact that Option Archery sent detailed instructions on how to set everything up, too, and that they sent a wide range of sight tapes for both sides of the sight.

(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

I still haven’t had a good opportunity to get the Canyon Pounder on an actual hunt, but I have spent a great deal of time with it at the range and shooting 3D in a variety of conditions, too. From scorching-hot 117-degree temps all the way to constant downpours, it’s worked well throughout all of it.

The pins were always easy to see, no matter the lighting. And operating the sight never faltered from where they started, even throughout the pouring rain and being lugged around on a backpack.

Simply put, I’ve got zero worries about bringing this sight on the rugged backpack hunts I often find myself on.

What’s Wrong

This bow sight is damn near perfect, in my opinion. With that said, this perfection comes at a price, and that is the downside of the Canyon Pounder. The price of entry is steep and will absolutely keep folks from experiencing what the Canyon Pounder provides. It’s expensive, but I will say Option Archery has a real gem here. So, if you can save up, do it.

Option Archery Canyon Pounder Sight: Final Thoughts

(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

In the rare close encounter moments we experience as bowhunters, one thing is vividly apparent. We have a job to do. We need to do it well. The equipment we bring with us in the field needs to be up to speed on that thinking, and the Canyon Pounder from Option Archery is fluent in these situations. This bow sight is one that is going to do its part. End of story.

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