hofats spin fire tube

‘Spin’ Is a Fire Tornado for Your Backyard or Campsite

Is this the lava lamp of 2019? Spin turns fire into a vortex. Check out this dazzling evolution of fire.

It’s amazing what fire and air can do. It’s no surprise we can spend hours gazing at bonfires under the night sky.

The design is pretty simple, but the outcome of the Spin from Höfats is amazing. The German brand just launched a fire vortex, dubbed the Spin, made for backyard cookouts and parties.

With Höfats bioethanol cans, Spin can burn for 1.5 hours in a spinning vortex. And to spin the flame, the brand simply places air channels at the bottom.

It doesn’t use electricity, just the physical properties of fire and ambient air. Just light the fuel, place the glass tube over the flame, and watch the vortex leap up the chamber.

Höfats Spin fire tube

Fire Tornado: Spin on Kickstarter Now

Höfats crafts the Spin with three options: a flat base, an extended base, or a stand to stake in the ground. The flame from Spin not only provides a spectacle to look at but also radiates heat.

Höfats Spin fire tube

And when you think about how it works, it makes the vortex all the more interesting to mindlessly gaze at.

The flame provides thermal lift, which accelerates the air below and around the flame. This boosts the flow of the flame by up to 500 percent, according to the brand, without any extra energy. Talk about mindblowing!

Spin is on Kickstarter now for $102 Early Bird, with an expected MSRP of $146.

We imagine this fire tornado will be a great fit for backyard barbeques or if you need to incinerate the closest sharknado.

Nate Mitka

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