‘Wood Hood’: Documentary Shows Power of Outdoors for BIPOC Community

This short documentary tells the story of Camping to Connect, a BIPOC-led program that brings people of color into the outdoors.

American culture has long struggled with a simple truth: representation matters. That’s why films like “Wood Hood” have become so important.

This short, 16-minute documentary premiered at the 44th Mountainfilm Festival this summer. It tells the story of young Black men experiencing the outdoors through the Camping to Connect program.

The film focuses primarily on DeVaughn, a 15-year-old kid from New York City who just wants a quiet place to himself. If you loved Reel Rock‘s “Black Ice” (I know I did), then don’t miss “Wood Hood.”

While only the trailer is available online at the moment, Camping to Connect said the full doc will be released later this summer.

Runtime: 2 minutes

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