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Dakine Relaunches Fishing Gear Category: ‘Dakine Fish’

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Dakine Fish is back after decades of dormancy.

The new line of performance fishing gear features fish bags, tackle storage, gloves, and apparel for fresh and saltwater fishermen.

Well known to surfers, skiers, snowboarders, and those seeking cool island fashion, Dakine made a name for itself by offering fashionable looks that perform.

The company’s Hawaiian origins and island feel carry over into its Dakine Fish line. 

The Dakine Fish Lineup

Dakine Fish Bag

Offering products we don’t typically see from a lot of the big-name fishing companies, Dakine has focused on gear that fulfills the needs of island fishermen.

The introduction of freestanding and flat fish bags, ranging from 2 feet to 6 feet, is particularly aimed at shore fishing. If the goal is to put big fish on your table, these bags make taking the catch home far easier.

Ulua Fish Pack

We see a lot of backpacks in the fly fishing world, and the new Ulua 60L Fish Pack ($330) brings the maneuverability of a fishing pack to the ocean. It boasts multiple attachment points for gear and tackle, utility pockets, a waterproof liner, and a drain plug to let all the good post-fishing juices out.

This bag combines a tackle bag, backpack, and a soft-sided cooler into one functional piece. I can also see this being a decent beer caddy for days when bringing fish home isn’t the goal.

Dakine Fish Gloves

The Fish Open Finger Glove ($34) is one of the items that I see being universal between both salt and freshwater fisherman. Constantly having wet hands leads to painful cracks. Gloves offer a bit of protection for fingers that are put through the paces.

Personally, fly fishing with open-finger gloves has saved my bacon more than once. They allow you to stay out longer without having to doctor up cracks. They also offer sun protection, which is often so overlooked on the hands.

Other Items to Check Out

Relaunch Thoughts

It’s great to see a brand stick to what they know, and Dakine understands the island market.

This initial relaunch only offers a handful of items, but I’m excited to see where they take this and how they branch out. I’m sure shore fishermen are keen to see new options for their saltwater adventures.

If you’re looking for a fishing pack for some other style of fishing, check out The Best Fishing Packs of 2022.

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