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Chug, Puff, Hike: Hydration Pack Has Vape Port

vaporwear vape hydration pack
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Add a little high to your next adventure. This hydration pack includes a special port for vaping on the trail.

vaporwear vape hydration pack

Few things are better for clearing your head than a nice long hike. Getting stoned, however, might be one of them.

So the folks at Vaprwear figured out a way to put the puff in your pack. The 2-year-old brand based in—you guessed it, Colorado—applied vaping technology to a hydration pack.

Hydro-Vape Backpack launched this week, a hybrid hydration pack that integrates an extra hose, mouthpiece, and cartridge for vape oils.

Hydro-Vape Backpack

vaporwear vape hydration pack

First off, this isn’t just about getting high. Anyone can use the Hydro-Vape Backpack, whether they’re inhaling cannabis or nicotine oils, or whatever else smells like you’re smoking a Pop-Tart.

The 12L pack is “the first product that allows users to hydrate and vape from the same pack.” The callout is the brand’s Drawstring Vapor Delivery System.

This consists of a hose much like a hydration tube. It protrudes from the shoulder strap, which is where you draw — again, like a hydration system.

vaporwear vape hydration pack

The key difference is that the other end sits inside a “Tech Chamber” within the pack. That is where vape cartridges (cannabis, CBD, nicotine, or e-juice oils) insert. A small, rechargeable, 3.8-volt battery also sits inside the chamber, powering the vaporizing mechanism.

The $110 pack rates as water-resistant, made from a polyester-nylon blend. It also sports compression straps, expandable storage, and an avalanche whistle. You provide your own hydration bladder up to 3L.

And the hydration sleeve has fleece lining to protect against freezing. Note, if you get stuck after a winter trail bake, this feature protects your water, not you.


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And lest you think it’s just another sign of Reefer Madness, Vaprwear touts the pack’s “performance and fitness recovery” capabilities. Indeed, studies — often published on pro-weed sites like this one — suggest CBD oil is a healthier pain-relieving alternative to over-the-counter pills.

Regardless, this is a unique product that seems especially well-suited to states like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, where outdoor recreation and legal marijuana are healthy industries.

Vaprwear’s Hydro-Vape Backpack adds to the brand’s other packs and vape-compatible hoodies. Hike, drink, and vape safely!

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