yogaslackers eline slackline beginner

Learn To Slackline With YogaSlackers Beginner Kit

The eLine Slackline kit from YogaSlackers aims at beginners with easy setup. Without a bulky ratchet, only friction tightens this slackline.

yogaslackers eline slackline beginner

Two trees and five minutes are all it takes to set up the YogaSlacker’s eLine kit. It’s new for 2017, and runs $120 for the whole package.

The kit comes with three locking carabiners, a line lock, tree protectors, two anchor straps, and the slackline itself. Setup is simple, requiring just carabiners, line, and friction to tension the system.

We recommend reading instructions closely and watching the video below before using it for the first time.

The one-inch slackline was difficult to walk and set up at first, but after a few sessions, the slackline excelled in its simplicity.

yogaslackers eline slackline beginner

YogaSlackers eLine Slackline Kit: Review

Beginners should start by sitting, kneeling, and eventually standing on the line. It takes a little practice, but we’ve had staff progress to taking a few steps on the line in a first session.

The elite crew of YogaSlacking athletes do complex poses on this minimal setup, so there’s plenty of room to grow.

yogaslackers eline slackline beginner
The rope doubled over on itself provides the friciton

The line has an 800-pound working load limit and bends under your weight. This is a true slackline and does not provide bounce-like tricklines. It’s great for working on balance and core strength, and it’s a lot of fun.

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We tested the eLine a number of times. Setup can be a little confusing at first, but is quick and easy once you figure out the system. Thus, watch this video and read instructions closely.

yogaslackers eline slackline beginner
Tree protection: The kit comes with wrap-around covers to protect bark

Once the configuration was dialed into muscle memory, setup was a breeze. It takes about five minutes and fits trees 15 to 50 feet apart.

The kit packs down small, great for throwing in the bottom of backpacks or vans. We look forward to honing our slackline skills with this one-inch line.

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