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Friendship App ‘GirlCrew’ Unites Women in Adventure

women jogging
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The GirlCrew app helps women find female friends for kayaking, camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. (Or to just grab lunch around town!)

women jogging

Based in Dublin, Ireland, and soft-launched at select cities in summer 2017, the GirlCrew app makes its full U.S. debut today in conjunction with International Women’s Day. In addition to meetups, the site and app also provide a social hangout for users to get to know one another online.

GirlCrew’s aim is to foster community and friendship. Women who otherwise might have never met each other are being brought together in companionship and fun. What could be better?

The app’s primary focus is to help users find like-minded women to join in activities like yoga, running, travel, and rock climbing. Or – why not? – maybe just a meal or a movie nearby.

GirlCrew: ‘Make New Friends’

Currently, GirlCrew has 100,000 members in 46 cities across the globe. The app goes live across the U.S. today and presents opportunities for female outdoor enthusiasts to connect with others like them for adventures.

girlcrew women

“Members organize outdoor activities as a way to make new friends,” said Pamela Newenham, co-founder of GirlCrew. “We believe real friendship happens in person, and what better way than over a hike, kayaking expedition, surfing weekend away, etc.?”

The app is divided into local groups, so users can see events and meetup ideas happening near them and find others in their area with similar interests.

But the GirlCrew community also hosts international groups for subjects like Trips & Travel, Careers, Entrepreneurs, Fashion & Beauty, Fitness & Wellness, Bloggers, Dating Advice, and Staying In. The idea is to share advice and helpful tips on popular topics among members.

coffee lunch

And while the app naturally lends itself toward outdoor pursuits, it arose from founder Elva Carri’s desire to simply go out dancing one night with some other friendly women. As such, GirlCrew is popular with those looking for brunch groups, coffee dates, movie nights, and other low-intensity hangouts.

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