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G-SHOCK to the Heart: A Fitness Watch Gets Rugged

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For the first time, G-SHOCK includes a heart-rate monitor and GPS. Meet the connected G-SHOCK MOVE, the GBDH1000.

G-SHOCK watches have a long history of affordable durability. But while all have a deep well of features, they have never had the ability to monitor the wearer’s heart rate — until now.

This spring, G-SHOCK launches the GBDH1000, a watch that “combines toughness with functions for workouts.” This is what G-SHOCK wants you to know.


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G-SHOCK MOVE GBDH1000: Fitness Watch Fit for Tough Training

Like all G-SHOCK watches, the GBDH1000 is shock-resistant, with water resistance to 200 m. But from that rugged core, it quickly branches out with its unique heart-rate monitor.


G-SHOCK combines this valuable fitness feature with a burly build. Optical sensors on the back of the timepiece detect blood flow and measure heart rate. The watch can display the wearer’s current heart rate and a heart-rate zone that shows exercise intensity in five stages. G-SHOCK intends this for pace management during activities and endurance training.

G-SHOCK can crunch these heart-rate and running-speed numbers to calculate the maximum consumable oxygen uptake per kilogram of body weight, aka your “VO2 max measurement.” Athletes can use it as a benchmark for cardiorespiratory ability when trying to build endurance for running or other sports.

The GBDH1000 monitors your location and pace via GPS. It measures distance traveled, speed, pace, and other data. Users can link it to the G-SHOCK MOVE app on their smartphone for a map display of movement. It will also receive signals to adjust watch time, date, and time zone automatically.

The app also aims to increase motivation by managing measurement data and training history, which automatically creates training plans tailored to set targets. Other fitness features include a step tracker and an accelerometer. The G-SHOCK Move app is compatible with both iOS and Android.


What’s more, the G-SHOCK MOVE GBDH1000 aims to be a useful tool for off-grid exploration. It offers users a compass, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer.

These built-in sensors can help predict storms and keep accurate track of altitude without burning battery with GPS. And the compass bearing and altitude information improve the accuracy of GPS distance measurements.

G-SHOCK notes a battery life up to 14 hours while using training features. It also has solar charging, which the brand claims can power the time mode indefinitely on its own. In addition to solar charging, the watch can be charged via a USB cord that is included with purchase.

The G-SHOCK MOVE GBDH1000 offers a new type of training watch for those who enjoy the look, feel, and durability of the G-SHOCK line. It’s available in two colors for $399.

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This article is sponsored by G-SHOCK. Check out the brand’s G-SHOCK MOVE GBDH1000 watch here.

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