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‘CrankCase’ Keeps Your Phone Forever Charged

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Hand-crank technology is not new — flashlights and radios have been outfitted with it for years. But what about when your smartphone dies in the middle of the woods with nowhere to charge it?


That scenario has inspired the creation of the CrankCase, a smartphone case by Ampware that doubles as a portable charging device.

The case is outfitted with a power-generating handle on the back. The company claims just 1 minute of cranking will keep your phone running for an additional 40 minutes. If you have the wherewithal to crank for a full 5 minutes, you can get an additional 3 hours out of your device.

We haven’t tested it yet and are skeptical of promises made by Indiegogo campaigns (those charging rates are way faster than a wall outlet), but if the claims are true this will be one of the most effective phone-charging devices on the market.

Even more intriguing is that the case comes with a stowable charging cord and USB port so you can charge other devices, too, not just the phone it’s connected to.


Although the company only offers the device for iPhone, cases for other phones are apparently in the works. The designers hope to fund the final design and production of the case through the Indiegogo campaign. $49 is all you need to pre-order the CrankCase.

Although the case looks like a well thought out idea the technology within it is not new, it’s just been cleverly incorporated into a case that could potentially be life-saving – at least if you’ve ever felt in mortal danger because you couldn’t send that last tweet.


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