GoPro ‘Live Screen’ Mount

Plug your smartphone into the Camlet Mount, attach GoPro, and BAM — you have a live video feed.

camelot mount gopro 2-1
Camlet Mount with GoPro gooseneck mount

The Camlet is a multi-device camera mount that can hold a smartphone or tablet for a large viewing screen. The simple plastic mount and USB cord connects your smartphone or tablet to the camera and gives you an easy way to view what you’re shooting.

This is not a piece of tech, just a mount. Two sizes hold a smartphone or a tablet and are compatible with Android and Apple products.

camelot mount gopro 3-1

Because most GoPro cameras can be synced via wifi using the GoPro App, the Camlet provides a simple way to clamp your smartphone.

And because it hooks up to any standard hotshoe, it can be used with a variety of stabilizers and camera rigs, DSLR cameras included.

Although there’s nothing groundbreaking about this little piece of hardware, its wide compatibility makes it a good choice for DIY filmmakers hoping to get the most bang for their buck.

If you’re looking to up your GoPro game and start filming like a pro, the mounting unit is available from the company’s Kickstarter page for $54.

Eric Lemke

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