Watch First ‘True Jetpack’ Flight

We might be getting into semantics here, but according to the makers of this video (and the Jetpack), this is the first “true, untethered Jetpack” flight.

There have been many back-mounted flying contraptions that loft a human skyward since the 1970s. However, they weren’t jets, or they were too heavy to be carried on the pilot’s back when fully fueled.

This one is. The JB-9 by Jetpack Innovation is the real deal, powered by two state of the art turbine jet engines that have been specially adapted to carry a human pilot aloft from the ground after many years of development and testing.

The JB-9 is the smallest and lightest JetPack ever created and the only Jetpack ever built that can be carried on the pilot’s back with relative ease – even when fully fueled.