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NFC Chip In Keychain ‘Biner

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Your phone is smart, so why shouldn’t your keychain be smart, too? A startup called Carabinsi added NFC chips to its carabiner keychains that can be programmed to do things like open a predetermined webpage or display contact information at the tap of a smartphone. (And, yes, the main model looks like a tiny guitar.)


The NFC chip is embedded in the carabiner. You can program the chips to share your contact info in a business meeting, turn Wi-Fi off and on, enable GPS on a device, and more.

NFC (near field communication) chips are a growing product category used in phones and other devices. They establish radio communication with other chips to perform functions from opening doors to paying for transactions via virtual credit cards.

Batteries are not required — you simply tap the carabiner to a device to send the data.

Beyond the chip, the not-for-climbing carabiners serve as a keychain multi-tool. There’s a box opener, glass breaker, wrenches, and a bottle opener cut into the metal shape.

They come in two configurations. A small logo image over the NFC chip area can be customized (like the Canadian flag below).

carabinsi 3

If you’re looking to condense your everyday-carry tools and upgrade your keychain, consider picking one up. $25 gets you the NFC ‘biner on the company’s Kickstarter page.



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