Flashlight Stocked With Survival Gear

All VSSL models come with a dual-mode LED Flashlight (s.o.s. and static) including batteries and a compass. Each model also ships with the following:

VSSL Supplies: 4-hour candle; razor blade, water purification tablets; wire saw; emergency whistle; waterproof matches; fire starters; fishing gear; signal mirror; Kevlar rope (150lb. strength); trail markers; can opener; first aid supplies.

VSSL First Aid: 2 BZK-antiseptic wipes; 2 isopropyl antiseptic wipes, 1 alcohol free cleansing wipe; 1 soap wipe; 2 cotton pads; 4 knuckle bandages; 8 butterfly bandages; 12 regular bandages; 4 ibuprofen tablets; 4 aspirin tablets; 1 tweezers; 1 single sided razor blade; 1 roll of medical tape; 1 medical gauze tape; 1 pair nitrile gloves; 1 emergency whistle.

VSSL Shelter: 96” x 60” x 36” temporary polyethylene tent and 20 feet of rope. The tent reflects 95 percent of radiant heat back to the user, can be used as a first aid blanket and is shiny for high visibility.

VSSL Zombie: Well, this one is pretty much just for fun in our opinion. It’s basically an ice-pick inside the tube (oh, and a medical mask of course). Why not a knife, which would be multi-use? We’re not sure, but we suppose if zombies turn out to need a stake to the brain to kill, this will do the trick.

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Sean McCoy

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