This is Red Bull Homerun 2016 in Åre, Sweden. More like a warzone than a downhill race. Alexander Sehlberg finished 6th out of 500, and Joel Bengs managed to reach the afterski as 4th best snowboarder, despite being a part of this massacker. Filmed by their friend Johan Henriksson

Posted by Anders Bengs on Sunday, 27 March 2016

Epic Downhill Snow Race Pileup

A massive wreck took out dozens of skiers and snowboarders at this year’s Red Bull Homerun in Åre, Sweden. The event saw 500 participants, some racing for glory, some for spectacle, all flying down the slope at the same time. It’s a nutty race, with participants sprinting to their skis, then blasting down the slope toward the finish line in one big, crash-prone peloton. In typical Red Bull fashion, the finish line was a tremendous after-party.