Hilarious Ski Industry Smackdown Is Comedy Gold

In life, Katie Burrell works a marketing desk job. In this film, she tries her hand at ski industry ‘dream jobs’ through adventure, humor, and a whole lot more.

There’s more to just being a plain old ski guide. When you think of ski guides, who or what do you think of? Filmmaker Colleen Gentemann dives into the topic through the bold and adventurous character Katie Burrell.

It takes work but also a balance of work and fun. And Burrell proves that in under 15 minutes in the funniest (and sometimes very accurate) ways. The film presents each “dream job” as an option for Katie, and each option is riddled with stereotypes, funny details, and honesty.

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“Option two: I’m like an ex-Olympic ski racer, big-mountain extreme first ascent, ski touring lodge, morning person guide. Kinda like Christina Lustenberger,” Burrell’s character said in the film. “I feel like I could do that.”

To take us through each dream job option, Gentemann gives us related examples of top guides in the industry, like Leah Evans, Christina Lustenberger, and Diny Harrison. But there’s more to these guides behind the scenes.

Are you lusting after a dream ski job? It turns out your dream job might not be exactly what you thought.

Dream Job” was produced by filmmaker Colleen Gentemann along with STORYHIVE, a group that helps bring to life original stories told by filmmakers from British Columbia and Alberta. They shot the film at Revelstoke Resort.


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