Around The World… A Woman And Her Favorite Gear For The Road

Dakine Apollo Backpack ($100, available in June) — This pack could use a review on its own, as it has so many cool, usable features. When I am going on a weekend trip requiring little gear, this is one that I go for. It is large enough to bring three outfits, swimsuit, sandals, running shoes, a laptop, a book, headphones, sunglasses, mess kit, vitamins and a camera.

My partner calls it the Mary Poppins Bag, as it seems like the never-ending backpack! It can fit all these items listed above and probably more if need be, but the best part is that you can get to all these items without much fussing.

Going through airport security is a breeze due to the side pocket that gives you quick access to a laptop. And all of the other small zipper pockets keep your items organized — as long as you remember which pockets you used! For 3-day trips, or even for a carry-on piece, this is a great backpack to have in your travel arsenal.

Uses: Perfect for weekend trips or as a carry-on!