Around The World… A Woman And Her Favorite Gear For The Road

Toesox Sandals and Socks($41.95, Serena sandals) — With the weather getting warmer, a pair of toe socks and sandals are always in my bag. I especially like to travel in them, as it makes airport security fast and easy. The ToeSox sandals have spacers for each of my toes, giving me a “yogi toe” feel. They are light, comfortable, and fashionable.

These go well with jeans, skirts, and shorts alike. When worn with purple, red or green toe socks (which are also light and comfortable) make great conversation starters and make little kids happy in the airports. I once told a little kid that the reason my feet were green was because I ate a lot of spinach. I scored points with both the mom and the little boy!

Uses: Hanging out, traveling, exploring.