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Ultra Fat: ‘Sand Bike’ Designed For Soft Beaches, Mud

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[leadin]Made by a Miami, Fla., company called Xterrain Inc., this all-terrain electric bicycle has massive rubber to roll over beach sand.[/leadin]


The bike has a 10-inch-wide ATV tire on front to give float. The company touts you can “easily glide over soft beach sand as well as deep snow, mud, high grass, gravel, and anywhere else that regular bikes can’t go.”

It has a 4.6-inch rear tire and a 500-watt motor for pedal-assist. A special fork lets you swap the massive rubber up front for a normal fat tire when less float is required.


Snow is mentioned in the marketing copy, but the Florida company is emphasizing biking on sand.

“Riders can appreciate the beauty of the beach and stay away from traffic-plagued roads without having to exert strenuous efforts pedaling over soft sand.”

Big & Wide

The bike is a beast, weighing up to 70 pounds with its motor and huge tire up front.

It will cost about $1,600 when available this fall. The company is planning a fundraising campaign soon to jumpstart production.

Front tire swap: Rider can remove “ATV” tire and install normal fat-bike wheel

Xterrain quotes a maximum distance of about 20 miles at a speed of 20mph before the battery runs out and you’re left to push the big rig home along the shore.

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