ibis ripmo v2s
The Ripmo V2S; (photo/Ibis)

Ibis Updates Ripmo, Ripley MTBs for Better Toughness, Compatibility

Ibis bulks up its trail and enduro bikes, aiming for more derailleur compatibility with a universal hanger and updated frame protection.

Ibis took a stab at splitting the difference between trail and enduro utility with the last iteration of the Ripmo, the V2. And the brand set its sights on a well-rounded trail bike with the Ripley V4, applying the same geometrical principles but shaving weight and giving it a stiffer suspension.

Now, Ibis has added a universal derailleur hanger (UDH) swingarm to both bikes and tweaked a few other specs as well. The idea behind the updates is to make the Ripmo and Ripley as versatile as possible across componentry as well as shore up weak points.

The Ripmo V2S and Ripley V4S both exhibit bulked-up frame stay protection, answering an issue some took with their predecessors.

A 55mm chainline (3 mm wider than before) lets Ibis use a wider, stiffer chainstay for better stability out back. And the brand used clevis pivot bushings with more consistent seals to help lock out grit and grime.

ibis ripley v4s

Along with the updated hanger, the new swingarms have a cable exit port at the top of the chainstay. The new routing boosts heel clearance, and Ibis says it could offer improved shifting feel, facilitating smoother passage to the derailleur.

ibis ripley v4s

The new chainstay protector gets thick, raised segments to help dampen chain slap noise. It also extends downward farther than it used to, wrapping under the chainstay. This protects from heel rub and eliminates the old chain suck plate.

Finally, Ibis replaces the previous bolt-on polycarbonate downtube protector with a new rubber guard. It covers a larger area, and Ibis says it absorbs impacts better due to its higher thickness and softer material.

The Ripmo V2S starts at $3,499 for a frame only and $6,199 for a full build. The Ripley V4S costs $5,899 for a full build. Both updated mountain bikes are available starting today.

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