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Magnet Bike Bottle Holder

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Vincero Design, a Boulder, Colo., company, has a new product that might make the entire cycling community rethink the most basic of accessories: The water bottle cage. Using rare-earth magnets and carbon fiber, Vincero Design is able to get its mount down to an amazing 16 grams in weight. Translation: It essentially weighs nothing.

The black nub above the “r” is the low-profile magnet mount

The concept is sound, and after a few weeks of testing I will vouch that this is an amazing system. The idea of using magnets as opposed to a cage actually increases the functionality of the mount as you hydrate. Your regular water bottle cage basically cradles the bottle, and as you hydrate the bottle gets lighter and is more prone to be thrown out of the cage. In contrast, these magnets are so strong that as far as I can tell there is no real way to eject the bottle unintentionally.

The system — which is comprised of the mount and a water bottle sold in both 20 and 24 oz. sizes — is not only a thing of simplicity but also of absolute function. As you slide the water bottle back into the mount the magnets snap to each other, promising a firm and secure hold. The motion to remove the bottle is in line with what we already know so there is no real learning curve. It just works.

Vincero Design’s bottle mount is made of rare-earth magnets and carbon fiber

During my testing, I mounted the system on a variety of bikes, from my rigid single-speed to a towny to a full-on downhill race rig. No matter what beating I gave it, the magnets held strong.

Extreme lightweight is another aspect of this system. For roady racers this is the lightest “cage” on the market. At 16 grams, its paltry weight coupled with its increased aerodynamics could make it a race-community standby.

Bottle locks firmly in place on frame

A final note: The tiny magnetic mount allows water-bottle manufacturers more freedom in bottle shape and size, as well as potentially opening up bike builders to fit bottles in different areas.

The only drawback may be its price: At $46.95, the s24 bottle and its accompanying edge16 mount are among the pricier bike-hydration systems on the market. www.vincero-design.com

—Steve Hitchcock is a Colorado-based writer, teacher, organic farmer, and outdoors guide. He blogs at www.UpaDowna.com.

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