Road ID Bracelet Review

Road ID is a stylish identification bracelet made for athletes. It can give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Electrolyte Tablets

Electrolyte tablets from ZYM, nuun, and CamelBak fizz and dissolve in water. The result is a vitamin-fortified, electrolyte-rich sports drink that Gear Junkie says offers…

Electrolyte-infused Bikewear!

Hydrate without drinking? New cycling apparel from Nalini is infused with electrolyte nutrients and vitamins that absorb into your skin!

Modulus Bike Lock

Double cables get it done! If you don’t need maximum security, but want maximum versatility, check out the Kryptonite Modulus 1010S.

‘Flea’ Bike Lights

The new Flea bike lights are among the smallest and most convenient commuting lights available.

‘Cycling to Mars’ bike shoes

If you like Kanye West and his accompanying flash, heavy with multi-hues and European styling, Puma’s new Cycling to Mars shoes are the only game…

Bike Test in Patagonia

As part of Team in the Wenger Patagonian Race, Jason Magness tested the Ellsworth Truth mountain bike for almost 200 miles in the arid…

Two-Wheeled Mutant Superheroes

Our writer Stephen Krcmar worked for Breakaway Courier Systems in New York City in the early ’90s. The “Klingons” in this video were some of…

Excerpt: “Falling Uphill”

This excerpt from Scott Stoll’s book, “Falling Uphill,” features existential thoughts, musings on Goran Kropp, and a narrative on a tour up the Franz Josef…

Cannondale Simon

Cannondale is pushing the limits of suspension technology with Simon, an electronic suspension system that senses the terrain and instantly adjusts the damping.

Niner Air 9 Carbon

As its second foray into carbon fiber, Niner’s Air 9 Carbon is a 2.8-pound 29er with completely original components.

Weird Two-Wheelers

Like a two-wheeled jackalope, these mechanical platypuses put the “loco” in locomotion. Oh, and Happy New Year, all!

Ergon Bike Grips

Can you gain on-bike performance from handlebar grips? Writer Jason Magness says Ergon grips changed his mountain biking life.

Outlier OG Pants

These bike-oriented “performance dress pants” are a specialty product created for a small, affluent market niche.

Chrome Bike Shoes

A new option for cyclists who use platform pedals: Cycling-specific sneakers from Chrome.

Pearl Izumi Winter Bike Shoes

Using a shoe built for cold weather, like Pearl Izumi’s Barrier GTX, is one of the best upgrades a winter pedaler can make.

Free Bike Camp

If you’re in the LA area this week, check out the “Don’t Get Fat! Training Camp,” a free five-day event with rides around the town.

LightLane Bike Light

Too cool: The prototype LightLane shines a 5-foot-wide laser behind a rider to create a moving virtual bike lane.

Giro Section Helmet

The Giro Section is an option for cyclists looking for a low-cost helmet or for riders who want to do some cold weather commuting.

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