Peter Sagan x100%
Peter Sagan x 100%; (photo/100%)

Peter Sagan, 100% Launch Colorful Limited-Run Sunglasses

Just in time for the 2022 Tour de France, 100% is announcing an eclectic limited run of eyewear highlighting seven-time Tour de France Green Jersey winner and fan favorite Peter Sagan.

With an astonishing 113 professional wins, Peter Sagan has accomplished a lot in his cycling career. Whether he’s suited to ride in long stage races like the upcoming Tour de France or single-day classics like the Paris Roubaix, which he won in 2018, Sagan rides with confidence and style.

He also has pizazz that couples well with his personality. For example, his post-race interview style is often laidback and keeps reporters on their toes. And he isn’t afraid to drink a massive beer after a race or compete with a full mane of hair and unshaved legs.

Undoubtedly unique and fun to watch, Sagan also inspires design concepts. Enter the Peter Sagan and 100% Limited Edition Collab.

Peter Sagan x 100% Sunglasses

San Diego-based sports performance company 100% seeks to highlight Sagan’s persona with a special release of eyewear that aims to emulate Sagan’s colorful and quirky style.

Peter Sagan sprinting
Peter Sagan x 100% Limited Edition Collab; (photo/ 100%)

Triple-layer purple mirrored lenses encased with tie-dye frames seek to represent Sagan’s colorful journey with the new Team TotalEnergies. In addition, the pattern is an ode to Sagan’s beloved eccentricities.

“I feel like this is one of my most creative executions to date with 100%,” Sagan explained. “Personally, working with the brand’s co-founders, Marc and Ludo, to create something unique year after year is always something I look forward to.”

PETER SAGAN x 100% glasses
The S3 model from the Peter Sagan x 100% Limited Edition eyewear; (photo/100%)

This new collection vastly contrasts Sagan’s prior LE collections, which were more uniform in color but cost about the same. They start at $200 a pair.

“Peter has a unique and boisterous style, and we wanted to showcase that by amplifying his character in our most advanced sunglasses,” 100% VP of Marketing Gwen van Linge said. “I feel we accomplished that with this amazing collection!”

100% offers the 2022 Sagan LE Collection in three models: S3, S2, and Speedcraft. All models come with 100% x Sagan LE Special Edition Tie-Dye packaging and pouch.

Peter Sagan x 100% cycling glasses
Peter Sagan x 100% (photo/100%)

3 Different Profiles

The Peter Sagan x 100% collection offers three different profiles:

  • The most protection — the S3: A wide peripheral field of view, excellent protection, and an uncompromising fit for the fastest riding
  • Lower profile — the S2: Versatile and ideal for all sports from biking and beyond, the S2 is crafted for anyone, anytime
  • Racer-ready — the Speedcraft: Has a cylindrical shield that provides 360 degrees of visibility and protection

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