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100 MPH E-Bike

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Yep, you heard right, 100 miles per hour.

At least that’s what the designers of the RAHT Racer bicycle say. Pegged as the “world’s first highway-speed bike,” this hybrid bicycle prototype uses power generated from pedaling to charge an onboard battery that drives an electric motor.

The RAHT’s pedals are connected to a generator, not the wheels. Pedal power is converted into electricity that charges an onboard battery. The battery can also be charged with household current.

The threewheel, enclosed, weatherproof vehicle designed by Rich Kronfeld rides in the same position as a recumbent bicycle. It comes complete with a roll cage, suspension, seat belts, air bags, headlights and trunk space.

The RAHT’s motor propels the vehicle up to highway speeds. If you’re feeling lazy, don’t worry. The RAHT can be run off the motor without the user having to pedal at all.

You can pedal the cycle as a workout machine while not moving to charge the battery. Looking to burn a few extra calories while you’re sitting at that stoplight? Just flip on the hill-climb program and pedal away, all the while knowing you’re powering the next few miles of your commute and working off that doughnut you had for breakfast.

The company is currently seeking funding for the vehicle through a Kickstarter campaign. Getting in on the ground floor of this unique vehicle guarantees you the chance to purchase one of the first 30 made. Be ready to take out a second mortgage though; the RAHT Racer will set you back a cool $45,000.

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