Paracord ‘Survival’ Boot Laces Hide Fire-Starter Inside

Survival Laces are billed as the ‘survival kit that follows you everywhere.’ As in, laced to your boots.


We’ve covered survival knives, survival flashlights, survival dog collars, and even survival coffee mugs. (For real.) Now, we have survival shoelaces.

Inside the laces you find thin usable stuff for backwoods emergencies. This includes a 1-inch ferrocerium fire-starting rod, a strand of tinder, and fishing line.

The laces are made of 550 paracord. They include seven strands of nylon. A single strand of fishline is the core.

At either end, slice the laces open to reveal the fire-starting supplies. Cut the tinder and spread it, then spark with your knife via the ferrocerium to initiate flame.


Finally, the laces themselves, because of their high-strength, can be taken out of boots and used for the construction of a shelter, bandaging a wound, or any number of paracord-enabled projects.

The company is selling the laces on Kickstarter for $15. Try them out and support the concept if you’re a prepper, survivalist, outdoor enthusiast, or, as the company suggests, simply a “collector of innovative gear and gadgets” for the outdoors.

Look like normal paracord laces on boots
Stephen Regenold

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