Alex Honnold lounging beach chair in a tux
Alex Honnold wears custom The North Face tuxedo ahead of 2019 Oscars

Honnold Wears The North Face Tuxedo to Oscars

The North Face’s one-off bespoke tuxedo wore ‘Free Solo’ star Alex Honnold to a victorious evening at the 91st Academy Awards.

Anyone who saw Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi’s Oscar-winning documentary, “Free Solo,” understands just how out of place Alex Honnold looks doing the mundane.

Alex Honnold Free Solo Jimmy Chin, E. Chai Vasarhelyi Interview
Oscars: 'Free Solo' Wins Best Documentary Feature

'Free Solo,' starring Alex Honnold and directed by Jimmy Chin and E. Chai Vasarhelyi, won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at the 91st Academy Awards. Read more…

From shopping for a refrigerator at Home Depot, to buying a house, to having “the talk” with his girlfriend, Honnold appears far more at home scrambling around outside in a days-old T-shirt than performing rituals of “normal life.”

Alex Honnold The North Face tuxedo
The North Face designer Mona Al-Shaalan helps Honnold with his pocket square

So it was no small wonder to see Honnold walk the red carpet in a penguin suit Sunday night (Honnold joined the entourage of “Free Solo” creators and crew who helped buoy the film to an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature). But what looked like an Armani or maybe Ralph Lauren was actually a new entrant to the tuxedo game: The North Face.

Alex Honnold’s The North Face Tuxedo

Alex Honnold The North Face tuxedo

You’d never know Honnold’s tux came from the same brand that makes his insulating hoodie and crag pack. Unless, of course, you caught a close peek at his pocket square or bowtie — that’s where TNF discreetly placed its logo.

According to TNF, designer Mona Al-Shaalan had to specially tailor the tux to fit Honnold’s “unique physique” (read: ape index).

“I really value Alex as an athlete and his personal achievements,” Al-Shaalan said. “It’s an honor to be nominated to work on his first-ever tuxedo … It’s definitely a passion project for me.”

The tux falls into TNF’s Black Series, the brand’s urban-minimalist lifestyle line. But don’t start taking your measurements just yet — this was a one-off. For now, just enjoy the specs on Honnold’s latest kit.

Alex Honnold The North Face Tuxedo

  • Material (jacket/pants): 100% wool
  • Color: Midnight Navy
  • Fit: Slim-fit suit with one button
  • Shirt: Slim-fit, cotton poplin tuxedo shirt with stretch
  • Pocket square: The North Face logo Jacquard pocket square
  • Bowtie: The North Face logo Jacquard bowtie

All images courtesy The North Face/Nate Hoffman

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