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‘Lightsaber’ Flashlight, Geo-Dome Tent, ‘Skunklock’: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories for the week of Oct. 23 – 29, 2016.


1) Booby Traps Found Before High School MTB Championships

Booby traps were again discovered along a biking trail. This time right before 600 riders were to take the course.

2) ‘Lightsaber’ Flashlight Starts Fire, Cooks Eggs

Start fire, melt plastic, cook eggs. What more could you want from a flashlight?

3) My Trip To India For A ‘Budget’ Hip

When a 40-year-old outdoors athlete requires a hip replacement, he travels from Oregon to India. This is his first-hand experience with the burgeoning world of medical tourism.


4) Arby’s Offers Venison Sandwiches In ‘Hunting States’

Careful Bambi, Arby’s will soon serve deer.

5) No Trees, No Problem: ENO Roadie Hammock Stand Review

Great news dirtbags, Hammock Life no longer requires trees.

6) 20 Top Adventure-Mobiles: Overland Expo East

The coolest adventure-mobiles in North America recently gathered, and our contributor was on hand to document the amazing vehicles of Overland Expo East.


7) Skunklock: Bike Lock Will Make Thieves Puke

Break this lock, and you’ll get a face full of nasty!

8) REI To #OptOutside Again On Black Friday

The giant outdoors retailer will close its doors on Black Friday again in 2016 to give employees and customers a day to play in the outdoors.

9) Stunning Shots: The Arctic Like You’ve Never Seen It

The Arctic is so much more than ice. This amazing video shows the frigid land and water through a unique, inspired lens.


10) Going Broke On Gear? Time To Go Pro!

Land that sponsorship and take your game (and your gear) to the next level.

11) Colorado Hunter Fights Off Bear

‘More people in bear country’ led to the second man vs. bear encounter this month.

12) Pete Kostelnick Breaks Trans-Continental Running Record

The old record for running across North America stood since 1980, but it fell today to Pete Kostelnick.

Pete Kostelnick
Pete Kostelnick

13) Custom, Made-In-USA Backpack … For Your Dog

Groundbird Gear crafts lightweight backpacking gear for dogs. We put one through 1,000 miles of testing.

14) Review: Tasc ‘Bamboo-Based’ T-Shirt For The Outdoors

In a market with a million T-shirts, a New Orleans brand offers something different.

15) Uphill Trend: Eldora Latest Ski Area Open For Climbing

Alpine touring will be allowed this season on a trial basis, and for a price.


16) The Hardest ‘Problem’ In Rock Climbing

Nalle Hukkataival sent a project 3 1/2 years in the making, titled Burden of Dreams. He suggests a V17 grade (9a), the world’s first.

17) Mountain Safety: Five Critical Mistakes

Watch this half-hour film and learn about five mistakes that lead to danger in the mountains and on the snow.

18) ‘Everest Air’ Chronicles First-Of-Its-Kind Rescue Team

A team of Sherpas works to save lives high on Mount Everest. This first-of-its-kind rescue operation is the subject of new reality TV show, Everest Air.

Five sherpas launched the Alpine Rescue Service team, the focus of "Everest Air"
Five sherpas launched the Alpine Rescue Service team, the focus of “Everest Air”

19) Camp In A Geo Dome: 5 REI Adventures For 2017

These new expeditions offered by REI for 2017 will inspire your travel bug.

20) SOL Bivvy Review: Emergency Night’s Sleep

Packing light or preparing for emergencies, these bivvy sacks make a convenient go-anywhere sleeper.

21) Designer Ride: Custom Bike ‘Makes No Sense’

Plywood and marble wheels?! This one-of-a-kind Specialized racing frame is a tribute to one of the fashion world’s most eccentric icons.


22) ‘Climber Wedding’ Video A Touching Tribute To Love

Love conquers all, even 5.10b. Grab a tissue for this beautiful tribute to everlasting love.

23) Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

Our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

24) Wingsuit Crash Caught On Camera

You know that cringing and flinching that happens when you watch a wingsuit rider sail perilously close to cliffs, trees, and obstacles?

25) Watch: Creative Ways To Open A Beer Bottle

Bathtubs, motorcycles, machetes … there’s no limit to creativity when a closed beer bottle needs opening in this pleasant two minute video. Cheers!

26) One Man’s Method: High-Altitude Mountaineering To 5.13 Rock

Adrian Ballinger is one of the most accomplished big-mountain alpinists, ever. Now he’s shifting his focus to try and climb 5.13.

Ballinger is shifting his focus form the mountains to the crag this month. Photo by Alex Kurt
Ballinger is shifting his focus form the mountains to the crag this month. Photo by Alex Kurt

27) Largest Protected Marine Habitat Set Near Antarctica

The world’s largest protected marine habitat was announced today by an international coalition of nations.

28) Patagonia Closes All Stores For Election Day

Patagonia is closing its headquarters, distribution and customer service center, and all U.S. stores on election day.


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