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Holiday Gear, Secret Adventures, Snow Protests: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories for the week of Nov. 13 – 19, 2016.


1) New Brand: 1620 Aims To Be ‘YETI Of Workwear’

1620, a new USA-made brand, hopes to do for work and outdoor pants what YETI did for coolers.

2) Make Colorado Snow Again! Protests ‘Rock’ Steamboat Springs

Four dudes, some stoke, and a political message we can all get behind: Make Colorado Snow Again!

3) Colorado ZR2: Chevy Swings For Off-Road Fences

The beefed-up truck comes from the factory ready for the double-track and hits the market in spring 2017.


4) Sky-High Sleep: Touring Montana Fire Towers

Sleep on a mountain summit where views stretch to the horizon. Montana’s fire towers are a special place to stay, and bike packing lets you connect them for a one-of-a-kind adventure. Here’s how.

5) New Brand Claims ‘Holy Grail’ Of MTB Suspension

The Tantrum Bikes ‘Missing Link’ suspension stiffens for uphill pedaling, softens for rough descents, no switches, levers, or buttons required.

6) Colorful Map Art Celebrates Watersheds Of The World

Colorfully illustrated maps of the watersheds of the world reveal an unexpected beauty you can hang on your wall.

7) ‘Shut Down’ Ski Town Makes Comeback With MTB Trails

A ski resort shuts down. A town begins to fade. But resurgence is seen when a dedicated group of bikers moves in to build trails.


8) ‘Seven Sins’ Of Indoor Climbing

Indoor winter climbing is upon us. To make the best of the long, dark months ahead, avoid these seven sins at gym.

9) Watch The Insanity Of Skiing A Full Loop

The full loop is a pretty crazy obstacle that’s been overcome in recent years by runners, bikers, and now, skiers.

10) 10 Secret ‘Local’ Adventures Around GearJunkie HQ

Slot canyons in the city? An underground bike race? This guide highlights secret area adventures where the staff of GearJunkie tromps, trains, and tests equipment from July heat to depths of a January freeze.


11) Holiday Gear: Early Bird Gets The Deal

Yes, it’s a little early to think about Christmas shopping. But there are some great deals out there right now for those who shop early.

12) Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

Our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

13) Survival Stunt: Week-Long Mountain Trek With ‘Prival’ Tool

The founder of a survival-gear brand spent 7 days in the mountains with little more than a multi-tool and the clothes on his back.

14) Film Captures Feeling Of Snowboarding ‘Flow’

While films that feature death-defying stunts are awe-inspiring, this one left us feeling a little more peaceful, and equally as inspired.


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