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‘Quadcycle,’ Star Wars Jackets, Outdoor Dream Job: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories for the week of Nov. 27 – Dec. 3, 2016.


1) Antarctic Bike: Four Wheels For Polar Cycling

Want to bike across the Antarctic? You might need a bike like this.

2) Potato, Po-tah-to: How To Pronounce Tricky Gear Brand Names

Thule, Injinji, Fjällräven… Outdoor gear brand names can be a bear to pronounce. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

3) Build Your Own (Stylish) Teardrop Trailer

A fresh take on the age-old teardrop that you can build yourself.


4) Columbia Goes Rogue With ‘Star Wars’ Jackets

Columbia developed ‘authentic’ Star Wars jackets designed for serious weather. Just in time for the holidays!

5) Rapper ‘Macklemore’ Hired To Help Launch Eco Jacket

One of the industry’s most acclaimed jackets gets a big endorsement from one of music’s most acclaimed artists.

6) Nation’s Largest ‘Urban Forest’ Park Coming To Texas

Dallas is getting greener thanks to projects along its Trinity River Corridor.


7) Patagonia Raises $10 Million ‘For The Planet’

Patagonia hoped to raise $2 million ‘for the planet’ on Black Friday. But when the totals rolled in, the brand was shocked.

8) Taste Test: ‘Filling’ Boosts New Clif Energy Bars

Chewy bars with a creamy nut-butter center give Clif a ‘category-first’ kind of delicious energy.

9) Mapped: Ski Areas Of North America

Love pow? These poster art maps are for you.

10) Toughest Climbing Pack: Dyneema 2400 Porter Reviewed

Made from fabric that is ‘stronger than steel,’ the Hyperlite Dyneema 2400 Porter is light, streamlined, and just about perfect – except for the price.


11) Sharp Gifts: Eight Great Knives To Give

Looking for a sharp gift to give the knife ‘knut’ in your life? We’ve got the best knife picks for this year’s blade lover.

12) Keep Public Land Public: An Overland Expedition

Today, Americans enjoy access to vast areas of public land. That could change if we let down our guard.

13) Fight From Your Bike: Martial Artists Show How

We sent an editor to take a self defense course designed specifically for cyclists. Here’s some tips to defend yourself if you’re ever attacked while riding.


14) 5 Apps Every Mountain Biker Should Try

Tired of riding the same local trails? GearJunkie field editor Adam Nubern shows us some great apps for finding fresh MTB adventures.

15) Dream Job: Columbia Hires 2017 ‘Directors Of Toughness’

Meet Columbia’s new Directors of Toughness, and learn how they landed this highly competitive dream job.

16) Outdoor Industry Gets Political Win With REC Passage

Clearing a final hurdle in the Senate, the outdoor industry will be measured as part of the GDP with the stroke of Obama’s pen.

17) (Extra) Ordinary Teen: Ashima Shiraishi

Most of us will never tackle a V15 problem, much less solve it. But we’ve all dealt with the realities of school, prom, and being a teenager. Ashima Shiraishi is no different.

18) Stocking Stalkers: Small Gifts For The Hunter

If you love a hunter, you know they love few things more than hunting. Get them a gift they’ll cherish on some of their favorite mornings of the year.


19) Deep Impact: 10 Small Brands That Give Back

Looking to make in impact with your gear purchases? These 10 small companies aren’t big, but they give back huge.

20) Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

From DIY wooden bikes to pow trackers, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

21) Prepping? A Real-World Guide For Emergency Preparation

You don’t have to be paranoid to be prepared. These are some simple things you can do to be ready for actual emergencies in the real world.


22) The 8th Wonder Of The World: Slickrock Skate Park

The 8th Wonder of the World? Check out this natural slickrock skate park.

23) Road Biking Colombia: It Won’t Kill You (It’s Awesome)

Colombia is a land full of beautiful intrigue with a reputation that terrifies many would-be travelers. You should get over it, and book a flight with your bike.

24) Want To Build Trails? New Law Bolsters Volunteerism

The National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act is a bi-partisan effort to expand volunteerism within the U.S. Forest Service and make federal lands more accessible to the public.


25) Promoted: Moosejaw Outerwear Tested In Lab

Moosejaw puts its new Fall 2016 Outerwear line under a series of ‘tests,’ including a Water Balloon Barrage and an Ice Bed Test.

26) Cyber Monday: Best Outdoor Gear Deals

We dug hard to find the top Cyber Monday deals on outdoors gear on the Internet. These will update through the day.

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