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Used Gear ‘Marketplace’: Peak Design’s New Carbon-Neutral Shopping Platform

Peak Design thinks it’s developed a ‘superior’ model for selling used gear.

This morning, Peak Design launched its Marketplace, a peer-to-peer platform (meaning direct from buyer to seller) for all kinds of used Peak Design products. Different from third-party platforms, Peak Design’s is its own — and is carbon neutral.

The brand claims that by removing intermediaries to coordinate various aspects like shipping, payment, and logistics, the Peak Design Marketplace will both streamline the process for customers and eliminates wasteful repackaging and additional shipping.

“If you make quality products that can have second and third lives, then their footprint on the world is divided by two or three,” founder and CEO of Peak Design Peter Dering said. “Luckily, we have customers that are both intelligent and sustainably minded. They’re capable of completing all aspects of the transaction and this allows us to cut out the middleman.”

Peak Design Marketplace: Buy, Sell Used Gear

Peak Design makes a variety of travel, lifestyle, EDC, and photography gear. On the Marketplace, owners can sell their used gear in a three-step process: post, ship, and collect payment.

Once an item sells, Peak Design will send a prepaid shipping label to the seller. Then, once payment is received, sellers can cash out or put the funds toward credit on

Buyers, meanwhile, assume all the protections of Peak Design’s lifetime guarantee. And that remains true no matter how many times a product changes hands over the Marketplace.

Peak Design has already made over 100 gear connections on its beta platform. Want to shop for some used gear? Check out the Marketplace now.

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