a dozen colorful pairs of Saucony special edition shoes

Saucony Recruits Kid Artists to Design Shoes for Its ‘Run For Good’ Program

‘Run For Good’ in these limited-edition Saucony sneaks designed by kids across the country. And, their proceeds go to a good cause.

Saucony is launching its latest “Run For Good” Children’s Program in partnership with four North American children’s hospitals. The program is simple: the brand launches limited-edition footwear collections, designed with input from children dealing with medical conditions and hospitalization, and the proceeds are donated back to hospitals to help children and families in need.

Saucony started the program back in 2020 with a partnership with a single children’s hospital, and it has only grown from there.

This year, Saucony partnered with patients from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Boston’s Children’s Hospital, The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. Over a dozen kids ages 8-20 worked on this year’s Saucony “Run For Good” footwear designs.

The four limited-edition collections include performance runners, lifestyle sneakers, and apparel (running shorts, trucker hats, and more). The first collection will feature designs from five kids from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and will launch on August 6, followed by the Boston and Toronto hospital collections in September, and the last in the spring of 2022.

Sneak Peek at the Saucony ‘Run For Good’ Collections

While the limited edition collections aren’t available quite yet, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek (pun intended) at what’s to come.

Saucony Shift 2 shoe

Endorphin Speed 2

  • Release date: Aug. 6
  • Inspired by Zeke’s favorite colors, love for swimming, and electricity (he wants to be an aeronautical engineer)
  • Price: $160

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

Endorphin Shift 2

  • Release date: Aug. 6
  • Inspired by Kaleb and his favorite colors, with a play between light and dark blue; Kaleb’s spirit animal is a panther
  • Price: $140

saucony ride 14 by dani

Ride 14

  • Release date: Aug. 6
  • Inspired by Dani, who loves collecting succulents, hiking, and sunflowers, and thinks that National Sunflower Day should be a holiday
  • Price: $130



Freedom 4

  • Release date: Sept. 8
  • Inspired by Chauncy in Boston
  • Price: $150
Run for Good Saucony Boston shoes
The Freedom 4 and Jazz Court shoes, center.

Jazz Court

  • Release date: Sept. 8
  • Inspired by Jake in Boston
  • Price: $90

Pricing for footwear in the collections ranges from $85 to $200, with pricing for apparel ranging from $25 to $75. And 20% from every sale in these collections will be donated back to the children’s hospitals, or their designated charity.

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