Premiere: ‘Megatron’ V17 by Shawn Raboutou and Mellow

Raboutou spent the past several months in a different world. Now’s your chance to see what it looks like.

What’s out there past the cutting edge? Either the next thing to be cut, or nothing but air.

“Air” is a pretty close description of what Shawn Raboutou’s been using for upward progress on boulder problems lately.

“Don’t just pull down on the nonexistent holds — be the nonexistent holds.”

Or something like that. I don’t know what philosophy, ninja tactics, or sorcery it takes to climb V17 because frankly, I’ll never do it unless I somehow break free of the earth’s gravitational field.

Then again, maybe Raboutou’s already done that. You make the call — watch “Megatron,” V17, now.

Runtime: 22:31

shawn raboutou
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