Subaru Re-Foresting Project will replant 500k additional trees by 2022; (photo/AIS via Shutterstock)
(Photo/AIS, Shutterstock)

Subaru Green Lights National Parks Fund, Pledging Cash for Sustainability

On Wednesday, Subaru became a premier sponsor of three critical National Park Foundation initiatives. The brand was already the NPF’s most prominent corporate partner, providing funds and public engagement to help protect 85 million acres across 400 parks.

As its biggest corporate donor, Subaru has already rendered significant support to the National Park Foundation. Now, the car builder announces it will sponsor the NPF’s Outdoor Exploration, Parks of the Future, and Resilience and Sustainability initiatives.

Though the dollar amounts are undisclosed, there’s reason to believe Subaru’s involvement will give the programs a big boost. In addition to its NPF commitments, Subaru has also given $68 million to other organizations working to conserve national parks.

It’s another indication that the brand is serious about committing to sustainability. Along with nonprofit partnerships with the likes of Leave No Trace, its programs include replanting half a million trees to aid relief from this summer’s California wildfires. The National Forest Foundation’s help recently expanded that effort to include half a million more trees in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.

Subaru Re-Foresting Project will replant 500k additional trees by 2022; (photo/AIS via Shutterstock)
Re-Forester: Subaru Pledges 1 Million Trees to Aid Wildfire Recovery
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For its new sponsorships, the brand says it will rely on experience gained in past initiatives like Don’t Feed The Landfills, which eliminated 16 million pounds of national parks waste from landfills.

Subaru’s National Park Foundation Sponsorship Details

Subaru’s plans for its new National Park Foundation sponsorships include the following:

  • Through the Outdoor Exploration initiative, Subaru will help promote inclusivity at America’s national parks. With a particular focus on multicultural and multigenerational families, the brand will provide funding for programs that eliminate barriers and encourage equitable access to parks for all.
  • Subaru will fund grassroots environmental stewardship in national parks through the Resilience and Sustainability initiative in waste reduction, recycling, and visitor education.
  • Subaru will help the NPF implement electric vehicle technology to prepare parks for the future through the Parks of the Future initiative. It will directly fund programs that plan and implement EV infrastructure in and around national parks.

The brand’s infusion of support to the NPF comes on the heels of its launch announcement for the true zero-emissions 2022 Solterra EV. Subaru envisions the SUV as the adventure vehicle of the future, designed to facilitate exploration without damaging the environment — which sounds perfect for national park outings.

2023 Subaru Solterra.

“National parks are America’s treasures,” said Alan Bethke, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Subaru of America Inc.

“Subaru owners have a deep connection with national parks, and we’re committed to protecting them. As long-time partners of the National Park Foundation, we’re proud to renew our commitment to support national parks by helping apply our expertise in sustainability, preserving these pieces of America’s history for future adventures.”

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