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Hammock Tent, Tour Divide MTB, Instant Fire: GearJunkie Week In Review

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A recap of top stories for the past week, April 17 – 23, 2016.


1) Alert: Climbing Harness On eBay Has ‘Risk Of Death’

A batch of destroyed Petzl climbing harnesses for sale online were ‘crudely stitched’ together in a malicious act that could result in equipment failure.

2) REI Funds Modern ‘New Deal’ Conservation Corps

Outdoor retailer REI will donate $1 million to provide jobs to rebuild our National Parks.

3) MythBusters’ Adam Savage Cuts 2×4 With Leatherman

The tiny saw packs a lot of cutting power!

4) Ultimate ‘Tour Divide’ MTB: Bike-Packing Build For 2,745 Miles

With 2,745 miles of on- and off-road biking, the Tour Divide tests riders and their bikes like few other endeavors.


5) First Look: Altra ‘Golden Spike’ Cross-Country Running Shoe

Five sharp ‘golden’ studs underfoot define the Golden Spike, a sprint-ready shoe coming to market next month.

6) Electric-Heated Sleeping Bag Liner Lets You ‘Sleep Naked’

An electrically-heated sleeping bag liner has taken off on Kickstarter. But is it really the best choice to keep warm when camping?

Ravean Heated Sleeping Bag

7) What It Takes: Age 17, Runner Completes 100-Mile Ultra

He quit the track team and ran his first marathon at 14. Now Kevin Chem has completed a 100-mile race at the age of 17.

8) Runner Dies During Patagonian Ultra-Marathon

A tragedy in Chile this weekend at the Ultra Fiord has claimed the life of a participate. The unconfirmed cause of death was hypothermia.

9) 100 Years Of Ski Fashion In 6 Minutes

The video created by The Colorado Ski & Snowboard History Museum shows the progression of ski gear over the last century, and it’s fascinating.

10) No Trees? No Problem With Inflatable Hammock

This six-foot inflatable couch that fills in seconds looks fun… and weird.

Inflatable Hammock Dog

11) Help Fund ‘Moto Dog’ Documentary

A woman and her dog hit the open road to adventure. Now, they want to make a movie about it.

12) Instant Fire, Just Pull String

Pull the string, and get ready for a fairly exciting fire-starting experience.

13) Chernobyl ‘Exclusion Zone’ Is Thriving With Wildlife

Since human evacuation following the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster, wildlife in the area is thriving.

14) U.S. Government To Quantify Value Of Outdoors Economy

Many would say the forests, streams, and mountains are priceless, but the U.S. government will try to put a price tag on the outdoors recreation economy.

15) Rambling Man? Consider A ‘Traveler Guitar’

Traveler makes guitars perfectly adapted to the unique needs of the van-lifer, the dirt-bagger, or anyone who wants to bring the campfire singalong anywhere.

guitar at campfire singing

16) Artificial Waves: Surf This Spring In Texas

No ocean? No problem. Landlocked Austin, Texas wave pool promises perfect man-made sets, all day, every day.

17) Watch: Running The Streets Of Barcelona

Join professional runners Max King and Ellie Greenwood as they explore Barcelona in this brief video that is part travelogue, part sports film.

18) Kick Ball As You Run? Wood ‘Bole’ A Tarahumara Game

An American twist on a simple game invented by the greatest runners in the world can make running fun again.

BOLE balls

19) Tuned Up: Removable ‘Engine’ Makes Any Bike Electric

Snap-on electric motor could make your bike buzz – and it’s cheap to boot.

20) Man Sticks Hands In Fire Ant Colony

The results? It’s pretty much what you’d expect.

21) Motorbike Across India With A Total Stranger

But a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met – especially if you’re motorbiking across India.


22) Summer Dreams: Are You Ready For Summer?

A day in this video looks like a very nice dream indeed.

23) ‘Never Let Go’: New Life For Front Derailleurs

A fictitious Front Derailleur Repurposing Division find hilarious new uses for scrapped cages.

24) Earth As Canvas: Interview With Artist-Climber Jeremy Collins

Artist, story teller, director, and climber, Jeremy Collins is a fixture and a force in the outdoors world.

25) First Look: G3 ‘Scala’ Climbing Skin/Scale Hybrid

A urethane-scaled tip on these skins reduces the drag felt by those climbing deep snow.


26) Insanity Plea For Famed Aspen ‘Chairlift-Pusher’

Skier who pushed snowboarder off chairlift pleads insanity.

27) Backpacks For Bricks: Startup Funds Volunteer Projects

Gear for the ‘urban adventurer’ with a conscience funds infrastructure projects around the world.

28) Total Coverage: Wearable Hammock Is A Tent Too

Looking for a hammock that’s also a tent that’s also a rain poncho?

29) Stolen Camper Found On Viral ‘Facebook Trail’

The photographer’s misfortune went viral, resulting in the recovery of her home-on-wheels.

30) Going For Record, Couple ‘Crews’ Runner Across USA

After 60 days, we watch in awe as Adam Kimble takes his final steps across the USA and into the Atlantic. This is what we saw along the way.

austrailia streams mapped

31) Water Only: Map Reveals Australian Rivers, Streams

These maps are worthy of wall art (which you can purchase for $6).

32) Review: Cotopaxi ‘Luzon’ Custom Daypack

This simple daypack starts at $35. It’s a pared-down ‘sack with straps’ but can work for hiking, biking and everyday use.

33) Heart-Rate On Your Head: Lazer Bike Helmet Reads Pulse

Heart-rate read from a forehead pad? Lazer plays every card in the deck to make a compelling new helmet like you’ve never seen.

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