Watch Lycra-Clad Slackliners Style It in ’80s-Style Montage

Pull on your leg warmers, turn up the hue and the saturation, and get limbered up. If you’ve never highlined in an ’80s time warp, now’s your chance.

Watch the dayglo-est slackline crew you’ve ever seen pull off new-school stunts in old-school duds in Trickline Collective’s latest vid.

“Highlining is a SPORT,” the clip declares, and its contents represent “Evidence for the Haters.” If, for whatever reason, you hate on both highlining and totally tubular ’80s aesthetics, stay away.

If you’re into watching brightly adorned acrobats pull off tightrope (er, ahem, highline) tricks in midair, with retro-pop sounds and goofy dance intermissions, you’re in business.

Runtime: 4 minutes, 12 seconds

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