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Browning Envy Hunting Blind Review: Standing Tall in the Woods

The Browning Envy allows space and concealment for hunters to stand and shoot when looking to fill their next tag.

(Photo/Zach Burton)
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Browning offers a robust line of hunting gear and accessories to amp up your hunt — including ground hunting blinds. The brand isn’t just an ammo manufacturer. As an avid bow-hunter, I practice standing at the range and 3D tournaments when I shoot. I am far more confident and accurate when shooting my bow while standing. Obviously, I’d want to mimic that in the field, right?

The Envy has made bow hunting from a standing position in a blind a reality. Made for hunters who need maneuverability, silence, and concealment, the Browning Envy has an 82-inch (6’10”) center height and 74-inch shooting width. This means all but the tallest compound bow hunters can stand when taking their shot. Those using traditional bows will not have to worry about limb impact when seated.

The real question: Is the extra height worth the pack in, and does it make much of a difference with so many other excellent blinds out there?

In short: The Browning Envy is made for hunters who prefer to stand when they shoot. With a similar overall footprint to standard blinds, the Envy has a tall shape and robust design to give hunters a fantastic view of the scene and space to stand and shoot when the time is right. 

Browning Envy Hunting Blind Review

Envy Hunting Blind


  • Easy to transport
  • Simple and quick to set up and tear down
  • Silent-Trac window system for any kind of hunting scenario
  • Tall enough for traditional or recurve bows to be used while sitting
  • Available in REALTREE EXCAPE or Mossy Oak Country DNA to match your environment


  • $399 is steep for a hunting blind
  • Difficult to conceal in open environments
  • Windy days can be sketchy

Browning Envy Overview

Product image of a Browning Envy bow hunting blind.

The Envy was developed to “address the needs of ground-based bowhunters who count maneuverability, silence, and maximum concealment as high priorities.” While all of this is true, the most significant selling point is the height of the blind. This room allows a shooter to stand and draw their compound bow — but we will get to those specs later.

The Envy is made with 600D polyester fabric. The windows have a “shoot-through” mesh that is used across the 180-degree window openings. Support comes from flexible fiberglass poles connected to pretty robust aluminum hubs.

Browning Envy Camera Port
Camera port; (photo/Browning)

In addition to the 180-degree window placement, the Envy incorporates two camera window ports for still photography or video applications if that’s your speed. The blind even has a 360-degree ground skirt to deliver maximum concealment, minimize light intrusion, and help keep the scent in when chasing wary deer.

It also includes a bow hanger that is wrapped in soft material for quiet use. Also included in the package are deluxe stakes with tie-downs, brush loops, and four gear pockets.

Standing Tall

The added height allows me to comfortably draw my compound bow while standing. There’s an added confidence to shooting from a blind in the same manner that I practiced.

I can comfortably stand and glass or simply stretch my legs during a long morning sit. I also use the Browning Huntsman Chair to sit up higher so I have better sight lines. 

Browning Envy Windows
(Photo/Zach Burton)

Beyond that, the windows are cut quite large with a 74-inch shooting window. This allows you to sit with them wide open or mostly closed, depending on your hunting style. Browning’s Silent-Trac window system allows the windows to be raised or lowered really quietly. Those windows can be adjusted to fit your concealment needs.

Magnetic Door Closure with Hooks
Magnetic door closure with hooks; (photo/Browning)

The blind has a magnetic door seam for silent entry and exit. That opening has simple hooks to ensure that the door remains closed even in windy conditions.­­

Transportation and Mobility

Despite the larger overall size to allow standing room, the Envy is only 23 pounds. It packs down to a cool ‎49.5 x 10.25 x 10.25 inches and fits easily inside the provided carrying case. That case has two pockets on the outside with drawstrings so you can pack a few essentials for the walk out to your spot. And while I wouldn’t want to huck this blind for miles, it does travel quite easily for how large it is when it is fully set up.

One of the things that I appreciate is that the carrying case is actually big enough for the blind. There is even extra room for a small pack-down stool, a Little Buddy heater, and a propane tank. This isn’t one of those tent bags where you pull the tent out once and never have a chance to stuff it back in. There is ample space, and it adds to the simplicity of using this blind. 

Browning Envy Hunting Blind Review: Conclusion

(Photo/Zach Burton)

If you are most comfortable shooting your bow while standing and are willing to drop some coin, you can’t go wrong with the Envy. Easy transportation, simple setup and teardown, a multitude of options to match your environment, and the space to stand when everything comes together make this blind tough to beat.

The ability to use the blind for traditional bow hunting is another nice bonus.

When all is said and done, there are already enough variables when it comes to bow hunting. Being able to “play like I practice” standing and shooting in the Envy makes it a no-brainer for me.

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