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Get on Target With the Mathews Archery ‘Title’ Bow: First Look Video

Serious innovation has gone into the newest target bow from Mathews Archery. Will the 'Title' live up to its name and bring home a few?

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Mathews Archery is pretty indisputably the leader in the bow hunting and target archery world. Today, the company announced the release of the Title. The repeated notion is: Stability. Stability. Stability.

“Creating a target system for the most dedicated competitors in the world means understanding and elevating every aspect of performance a professional archer needs when millimeters count.”

— Mark Hayes, Design Engineering Manager

Combining technology from the wildly successful hunting bows and the constant title-winning target bows, the new appropriately named Title is sure to turn some heads and take home some gold.

Let’s take a look.

Some of the Innovations in the Mathews Title

Mathews TITLE

SwitchWeight Target Cam (SWT)

Mathews Title Cams
(Photo/Mathews Archery)

The new SWT Cam ensures maximum efficiency and a super-smooth draw cycle. It gives you a solid and secure feeling when fully drawn, leading to unmatched consistency during your shooting practice.

Mathews‘ unique Perimeter Weight Technology includes a brass inertia disc strategically positioned in the cam, delivering a fantastic post-shot sensation. It’s compatible with the SwitchWeight Mods, meticulously optimized for various draw lengths, draw weights, and let-offs to enhance performance for all archers. The SWT Cam achieves an IBO rating of up to 335 fps and is now offered in 70%, 75%, and 80% let-off options.

Limb Design Innovations

Mathews Title Limbs

Expanding on the achievements of the first Resistance Phase Damping (RPD) limb design from 2022, the TITLE brings a fresh top-mounted axle system. This system enables a broader and shorter limb structure, optimizing the limb’s surface for better stability and efficiency. When combined with RPD technology, this new limb design delivers a steady and incredibly smooth shooting experience.

Bridge-Lock Carbon Target Bar

Mathews Carbon Bar

The Bridge-Lock Carbon Target Bar is seamlessly built into the riser, making it up to 48% sturdier than premium target bars. It has a slim profile and a lightweight frame, reducing crosswind resistance by as much as 36% compared to similar bars of equal length and strength.

Mathews’ exclusive adjustment system lets you fine-tune it in half-inch increments for perfect balance. You can choose from 10″, 12″, 18″, 24″, and 30″ lengths and two finishes to complete your target setup.

“The TITLE, our Bridge-Lock Carbon Target Bars, and MATCH Bowstrings is a completely refined target system from top to bottom that significantly improves stability, accuracy, efficiency, repeatability, and the overall shooting experience.”

— Mark Hayes, Design Engineering Manager

Initial Thoughts on the Mathews Title

Mathews Archery TITLE

Mathews is no stranger to winning target shooting titles. I have no doubt the company will only continue that trend moving forward. The Title seems to be a big step up in innovation, and it will be exciting to see how many awards this bow brings home to the archers who have it in hand.

I’ll be interested to see how many hunters take the Title from the course to the field.

Runtime: 9:16

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