Stainless Steel ‘Star’ Multitool Has 21 Implements

A crude serrated saw, bottle opener, box cutter, and 18 additional “tools” on a star-like shape make the Lions Grip one unique multitool.


More an everyday-carry implement than an outdoors product, the Lions Grip has in total 21 uses, from allen wrenches to drivers to a punch.

It’s made of a solid piece of stainless steel and costs $20. The company is seeking funding on Kickstarter now.


One cool use is a magnet in the middle that lets you attach the Lions Grip to metal objects when not in use.

Or you can use it to retrieve ferrous objects. Drop your keys in a hard-to-reach spot? Put this magnet-equipped product on a piece of paracord and lower it down; the magnet will attach, and you can pull your keys out.

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21 Implements

In total, the Lions Grip has: wrenches, a nail puller, gear tie, bit holder, hook staple remover, flathead driver, box cutter, neodymium magnet, center punch, serrated edge, and a bottle opener.


Despite its throwing star look, the company offers a disclaimer: “This is not to be used as a weapon or toy, NOT to be used for rappelling and/or climbing.”

Roger that, we’ll get back to tightening bolts and trolling for lost keys in sewer grates.

–See all the details on the Lions Grip Kickstarter page.

Stephen Regenold

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