One Heal of a Deal: Enter This ZipStitch Giveaway

It’s a cinch to add peace of mind to your outdoor adventures. Just throw a ZipStitch into your first-aid kit.

It’s a scenario we hope to never encounter. But injuries are inevitable, especially while pursuing our favorite outdoor hobbies. So having the right gear to quickly resolve a medical issue means more time doing what we love — and ideally fewer trips to the ER.

Billed as the most advanced wound-closure device on the market, ZipStitch aims to keep you from harm when nature leaves its mark on delicate skin. The wound-care device consists of 1.5-inch strips of a pressure-sensitive adhesive. They’re engineered to last for up to two weeks when placed on clean and dry skin.

How to Apply ZipStich

1. Press a ZipStich to clean, dry skin.

2. Pull the four medical-grade polymer zip ties to connect the two adhesives.

3. Watch as the patented locking mechanism ensures a solid closure.

4. Get back to doing what you love outside.

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