Eton Scorpion

Eton Scorpion

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When the going gets tough and the tough need power for their electronic devices — plus a shortwave radio and an LED flashlight — the prepared then will turn to a single device to make tough situations a little less so. The $50 Eton Corp.‘s Scorpion hits on all these fronts and even comes in a rugged case, like all wilderness emergency devices should.

The Scorpion is sold as a “Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Digital Weather Radio.” It can be powered by three sources: solar panel, dynamo hand-crank, and AC adapter. This gives a user maximum flexibility, even in remote areas. The unit also includes a battery charge indication so you can see when it needs a charge. There’s a USB port to charge cell phones via the unit’s hand crank, too.

Getting nervous about those ominous clouds rolling in? Get the latest forecast and weather conditions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather band. There’s also an AM/FM radio digital tuner.

The Eton Scorpion is “splash-proof” and includes an aluminum carabiner clip for securing the device on the go. There is even a bottle opener on the side. That’s for when the going gets really tough.

—Stephen Krcmar