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Relaunching an Adventure Classic: The G-SHOCK Rangeman GPRH1000

No matter how messy the adventure — the G-SHOCK Rangeman GPRH1000 is built to endure.

G-SHOCK Rangeman
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Remember the G-SHOCK Rangeman? The multi-sensor timepiece the brand introduced for adventurers and explorers? It’s been a staple in the G-SHOCK Master of G lineup since it launched back in 2013. Well, Casio just brought it back, and it’s the most advanced model yet. 

The new G-SHOCK Rangeman GPRH1000 is the quintessential tool for hikers, trekkers, and mountaineers who don’t shy away from a sufferfest. Designed to endure the harshest terrains and conditions, the Rangeman GPRH1000 has your back, no matter how messy the adventure gets.  

From scaling Utah’s red rock canyons to battling blizzards in Montana, the GPRH1000 is built to be your all-season, all-doing, professional-grade mountain companion.

With tons of different features and functions, there’s a lot to unpack. So, here’s a breakdown of some of the Rangemen’s finer qualities. 

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(Photo/Alex Goodlett)

Built to Thrive in the Outdoors

First off, this watch is a tank. G-SHOCK’s signature construction means it’s virtually indestructible. We’re talking shock-resistant and mud-resistant, plus up to 200 m water-resistant. 

You can chuck it off a cliff (please don’t) or submerge it in a river (please do), and it’ll keep ticking. Plus, the high-definition, high-contrast memory-in-pixel (MIP) LCD display is practically scratchproof — a huge bonus when you’re constantly brushing against branches and boulders.

Navigation on High Alert

Made for adventure, the GPRH1000 has built-in GPS to measure position, distance, and speed of movement. And with the compass, you can verify your current bearing.

(Photo/Alex Goodlett)

Support Your Activities  

The GPRH1000 supports nine activities, including trekking, running, walking, trail running, biking, swimming, gym workouts, and more. The watch’s comprehensive sensor functions enable a wearer to track a ton of data, including distance, time, pace, altitude, ascent and descent, heart rate, calories burned… the list goes on. Additionally, its GPS capability and internal compass keep the wearer on track on or off the trail. 

(Photo/Alex Goodlett)

Sensors for the Win

But the real magic lies in the sensor department, with six total! The triple sensor combo of altimeter/barometer, thermometer, and compass (with auto level correction) is like having a mini weather station on your wrist. The watch tracks elevation and barometric pressure changes to help you predict storms, so you can stay prepared for whatever lies ahead. 

Additionally, the watch boasts robust fitness-tracking capabilities, including an optical heart rate sensor to measure blood flow, and an accelerometer and gyroscope to measure movement.

(Photo/Alex Goodlett)

Fitness Tracking

To that end, the GPRH1000 caters to the adventurer with heart rate monitoring, step tracking, and calorie burn estimates. You can even track your VO2 max and recovery time, so you know just how hard to push yourself without going overboard.  

Utilizing algorithms by Polar for data analysis, the GPRH1000 can help in improving your performance and daily health management with activity and life logs, keeping your adventures in check. There’s also integration with Strava and Apple Health, if so inclined.

A G-SHOCK With Smart Functionality

The user interface of the GPRH1000 allows for seamless integration with your smartphone via Bluetooth, letting you adjust settings, download watch faces, and track your activities via the Casio Watches App. 

Plus, you can get SMS, SNS, email, and incoming call notifications from your device right on your wrist, so no more sweaty, awkward phone fumbles on the trail. 

(Photo/Alex Goodlett)

Solar Power Fuels Your Adventure

No more dead batteries in the middle of nowhere. The GPRH1000 is equipped with solar-assisted charging capabilities, meaning the sun’s rays can be a fuel source. 

The Rangeman also comes with a rapid-charging USB cable setup that delivers a full charge in just a few hours — charging will be a rarity, at most.  

But when you do charge the Rangeman, it’ll last. A full battery can last up to 2 months, but that’s dependent on the number of sensors and functions utilized, such as GPS, heart rate, etc. But if you’re just timekeeping with the power-saving feature switched on, the GPRH1000’s charge can last up to 23 months (!!).  

(Photo/Alex Goodlett)

The Verdict

The G-SHOCK Rangeman GPRH1000 is a beast of a watch, built for those who live for the extremes. It’s packed with features, nigh-on indestructible, and surprisingly sleek. 

If you’re looking for a watch that can handle anything you throw at it, the GPRH1000 is an investment you might want to make — just be prepared for serious wrist envy from your fellow outdoors-people. When it comes to durability, functionality, and style, the GPRH1000 builds on the legacy of G-SHOCK — providing a burly timepiece that’ll shrug off nature’s harshest conditions.  

This post was sponsored by G-SHOCK.

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