More ‘Pretty Faces’ Please! All Woman Ski Film Fund-Raising On Kickstarter

Pro big mountain skier and SheJumps co-founder Lynsey Dyer wants to change female representation with an all-female ski film. But to make it happen, she needs some big bucks. That’s where crowd-sourcing platform Kickstarter comes in.

If you’ve watched any of the big name ski films, you probably noticed that women aren’t proportionately represented. Yes, women are in the films, but often in small rolls with brief skiing cameos.

According to the campaign site, despite women’s presence in about 40 percent of the skiing population and about 30 percent of the adventure sports film viewership, only 14 percent of athletes in major ski films were female in the 2012/13 season. The previous season, it was only 9 percent.

Lynsey Dyer

“Young girls need more positive role models to offer them an alternative to the world of skinny jeans, reality TV and fashion magazines,” the campaign states. “We aim to provide a positive source of inspiration for young girls first and foremost. The lessons learned on the mountain parallel those learned by many women who take the path less traveled.”

Dyer’s documentary ski film “Pretty Faces” has so far received $34,658 in pledges and counting. She has until Feb. 15 to reach her goal of $60,000 to fully fund the production of a high-end, all female ski film.

If you want to support her cause, head on over to Kickstarter and throw down a few bucks. The swag kicks in at as little as $10 and your donation might help inspire a future Olympian, big mountain skier or world champion.

Sean McCoy

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